Monday, 2 May 2011

Just what the sewing world needs – yet another sewing blog! Why do I feel compelled to share my inadequacies with the world and her dog? I suppose it's a kind of "vanity" project, insofar as I think it might possibly be of the slightest interest to anyone. But mainly, it's because I have come to the realisation that while I consider myself to be a fairly competent sewer, I have become rather complacent and unadventurous. I go for instant gratification: the TNT that only needs a little tweaking to be different form the last incarnation. What brought this home to me vividly is the fact that I am helping two girls in their twenties to sew. I am having to examine my own sewing habits and skills and well, to be honest, I am not stretching myself nearly enough. I am an avid reader of other sewing blogs and there are people whose skills are not necessarily better than mine, but they are much more adventurous in style choice and manipulation; there are others out there whose technical skill is breath-taking. I want to be both of these people. I know it will be hard work and I may never get there, but this blog is my attempt, my commitment to myself. I can't promise warts and all – well a girl has some pride, but give me a glass or two of red wine, and the indiscretions will flow!
So (or is that "sew" – feeble pun!) watch this space for tales of a wedding dress in the making (not mine!), the Gambian holiday wardrobe (big yawn), perhaps even some gossip from the recent PR European Getogether, … oh yes, and most likely, plenty of gratuitous photographs of my cats who absolutely adore my comfy sewing stash!